Born in Vila Velha – Espírito Santo in January 9, 1974, Sávio Bortolini Pimentel took his first steps in the Capixaba capital city, Vitória, where he played in the youth sides of the Desportiva Ferroviária. Yet to turn 14, he took a decision that would change his life: he left the comfort of living with his parents and dove into the adventure of living in Rio, being transfered to Flamengo, his favorite team.

The beginning wasn’t easy at all. In his first year in Rio, Sáviolived at Dona Adélia’s house, who until the current days he considers his second mom. Then, he started living at Flamengo’s concentration, sharing a small apartment with other players, in the bulding the team used to keep, in Morro da Viúva. Training everyday in a different field, always far from home, wasn’t an easy task either.

“We had to find a way out. The weariness was big and I missed home very much too. I won’t deny I thought of giving up sometimes. But it was then that my will of being a soccer player and playing for Flamengo spoke louder and I ended up overcoming the adversities ” tells Sávio.


With the end of his career, Sávio dedicated himself with more intensity to the entrepreneurship.


Bortolini Patrimonial, real estate own ventures company.

Financial ventures, as exclusive investment fund and various products of the financial market.




And Sávio Soccer, an investment and career management company, where Sávio applies the knowledge he acquired in almost 20 years of career. Since when he played for Real Madrid, he had had the opportunity of participating in courses about the theme offered by the Merengue team. In the same class, sports marketing students and specialists, among with the consecrated goalkeeper Iker Casillas, world champion for Spain, at the beginning of his career.

Sávio Soccer has the mission of offering a close work to manage his athletes career. Another part of Sávio Soccer works with lectures and clinics to which Sávio is hired. He started to get experienced by talking to the public thanks to the invitations he received from his former attorney and great friend João Henrique Areias, to participate in his own lectures.

The main topics Sávio pronounces in his lectures and clinics, talk about the experience he made inside the field and with what he learned from the various courses he took. He talks about different subjects, such as investments and financial planning , about motivation and overcoming obstacles, the best shape for sport centers – stadiums, gyms, training centers – the importance of a well projected groundwork and career management.