SÁVIO by himself

Job (Companies)

Sávio Soccer is an athlete intermediation agency.

Bortolini Patrimonial is a real estate own ventures company.

“I’ve always enjoyed the free time to study and improve myself. Since I was an athlete, I’ve attended several courses – management, economics, finances. Every single thing I’ve learnt these years is applied in the company.”


“Born in a structured family, I had a good creation. My father was a great influence in my life. He helped me a lot with my career.“

“I’ve been married to Suzana for 20 years already. She has always been an awesome partner. We have three boys, Breno, Hugo and Lucas.”

Vila Velha – ES

My hometown, where all my family is and where I began my career, until I went to Flamengo. City of wonderful beaches and main touristic spot in Espírito Santo.

Florianópolis – SC

“Today, I’m devided between Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo for work and familiar reasons.”

“When I was invited to play for Avaí, I was pretty sure it would be the last year of my career and I thought about how good it could be to live in Florianópolis. Three months later, I didn’t want to leave the island, exactly how it was when we got to live in Madrid. There we found tranquility, life quality, peace, security. “


“Club to which I support and have much affect. It’s where I spent 11 years of my life, and until nowadays, I have an identification with, and gratitude, mainly for the supporters. It will always be kept in my heart.”

Real Madrid

“Special club in my life where I won the most important titles. I spent five intense and glorious seasons there.”

Real Zaragoza

“Doubtless my best moment in the European soccer. There were three seasons and three championship finals, and the cup titles belong to the King and to the Spanish Super Cup. We entered the team history as one of the best teams.”


“I went to Europe, hoping to have the same success I had playing in Flamengo and, besides that, to learn the culture of each country I lived in. I’m very curious. Whenever I could, I would travel to meet new places. I would always do researches about the countries histories. My great partner was Mrs. Nair, Suzana’s grandmother, graduated in Museology, who used to live with us in Spain.”


“After Brazil, Spain is my country. I support the Spanish Team, after ours of course. I have a big affect for the country, where I have always been very well-treated, as well as it used to be when I played for Real Madrid, Real Zaragoza and Real Sociedad.”


“Zico is an idol.”


“I’m passioned by Formula 1 thanks to Ayrton Senna, a really fantastic guy who made me enjoy the sport.”


“Júnior is a great friend of mine. He is the one who projected me. He asked me to be patient, that my time was to come. If he were more reckless, ME LANÇAVA E ME QUEIMAVA. I have much affect for him.”


“It was a privilege to play with him for almost three years. When he left, he pronounced me as one of his buddies in the field. A player like him will hardly be found.”

The best ones…

“The best coach I have ever worked with abroad was Vicente del Bosque, in Real Madrid. He would never scream at all. He knew perfectly how to make the team follow his instructions.”

“In Brazil, I enjoyed very much to work beside Joel Santana, someone very true with whom I won the Campeonato Carioca in 96, and with Paulo Autuori.”

“The great star I played with was Zidane. Different from everything I’ve seen and of such simplicity inside the field that made everything easier. Besides this, someone incredible.”